4th International

Antibody Validation Meeting

  • University of Bath
  • 13/09/23 - 15/09/23
  • 18 Speakers

In September of 2023 we had the pleasure of welcoming delegates to the 4th International Antibody Validation Meeting.

The meeting, which attracted 100 delegates from Europe, the US and Asia, was organised by CiteAb and the University of Bath. It built on the successful format of the previous meeting, held in September 2018.

Selected photos

  • #abval23 attendees
  • Poster session and presenters
  • Antibody supplier panel in the discussion forum
  • Session audience
  • Andrew Chalmers' opening remarks

You can see all of the photos from the event on our Facebook page.

The talks

Antony Wood (Cell Signaling Technology): De-risking the data: The critical importance of validation in the age of multiplex and spatial biology
Kevin Harvey (Aviva Systems Biology): Use of high throughput SPR to characterize antibodies to common cancer biomarkers
Pierre Cosson (University of Geneva): Antibodies Chemically Defined: One database to list them all
Anthony Couvillon (Mercy BioAnalytics): Development of a liquid-biopsy, early stage cancer diagnostic assay
Peter McPherson (McGill University): YCharOS: Antibody characterization through open science
Will Howat (Abcam): Abcam validation & quality 2.0
David Piper (Thermo Fisher Scientific): Accelerating life science research with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s specificity verified antibodies
Elena Ivanova (Regeneron): Antibody validation in Preclinical Histology Core (PHC)

More talks will be uploaded as they become available.