2nd International

Antibody Validation Meeting

  • University of Bath
  • 15/09/16 - 16/09/16
  • 12 Speakers
  • CiteAb - event partner
  • Univeristy of Bath - event partner
  • AstraZeneca - event partner

The event

A unique meeting which aims to bring together scientists from academia, the pharmaceutical / biotech sector and antibody suppliers in order to discuss best practices in research antibody validation and help improve antibody validation for the life science community.

The meeting is being organised by the University of Bath as part of it’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and supported by AstraZeneca and CiteAb.

Why come?

The meeting offers a great chance to hear the latest in antibody validation, interact with leaders in the antibody validation field and contribute to this initiative aimed at helping improve research antibody validation.

The speakers

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Birte Aggeler
Bio-Techne (R&D Systems), USA

More information to come.

Professor Alison Banham
Alison Banham
University of Oxford, UK

Professor Alison’s Haemato-oncology group are particularly experienced in monoclonal antibody production and characterisation and are actively involved in the European Monoclonal Antibodies Network.

Dr Lars Björk
Lars Björk
Human Protein Atlas, Sweden

The Swedish Human Protein Atlas project, has been set up to allow for a systematic exploration of the human proteome using antibody-based proteomics. Dr Björk is the lab manager of the Cell Profiling group at the SciLifeLab site, Stockholm.

Dr Karine Enesa
Karine Enesa
AstraZeneca, UK

Karine Enesa is a senior scientist in the Affinity Reagent Team at AstraZeneca. Joining the group in 2015, Karine’s main role is to design and validate newly generated mono and polyclonal antibodies. She also optimises antibody based cellular assays.

Dr Susanne Gräslund
Susanne Gräslund
SGC, Sweden


Dr Arthur Lewis
Arthur Lewis
MedImmune, UK

Arthur Lewis is the Senior R&D Manager of the Pathology team at MedImmune Cambridge. Arthur's current focus is in helping drive new target identification, validation utilising IHC and other tissue based tools as well as developing these into translational clinical studies.

Dr Jason Li
Jason Li
Proteintech, USA

Jason Li, founded Proteintech Group with fellow scientists in 2002. Their goal: provide researchers a reliable, reproducible antibody for every human protein. Proteintech manufactures all antibodies in-house, with an emphasis on developing antibodies from whole proteins.

Dr Deepa Shankar
Deepa Shankar
Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA

Deepa Shankar is the Director of R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Dr Alejandra Solache
Alejandra Solache
Abcam, UK

Responsible for managing the global output of the Abcam Cambridge, Hangzhou and Bristol laboratories, specifically the New Product Development (PDM) and Core Product reagents pipelines.

Dr Mike Taussig
Mike Taussig
Cambridge Protein Array, UK

Dr Mike Taussig is founder and CEO of Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. and Head of the Protein Technology Group at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge.

Professor Jim Trimmer
Jim Trimmer
University of California at Davis, USA

The founder or NeuroMab, Dr. Trimmer also has research interests in brain function as it relates to electrical signaling in neurons. Research in his lab is focused on ion channels and their regulation by neuromodulation, and during incidents of epilepsy and ischemia.

Selected Abstract Speakers
3 Speakers TBC

More information to come.

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