3rd International

Antibody Validation Meeting

  • University of Bath
  • 20/09/18 - 21/09/18
  • 14 Speakers
  • CiteAb - event partner
  • Univeristy of Bath - event partner
  • AstraZeneca - event partner

The event

A unique meeting which aims to bring together scientists from academia, the pharmaceutical / biotech sector and antibody suppliers in order to discuss best practices in research antibody validation and help improve antibody validation for the life science community.

The meeting is being organised by the University of Bath and supported by AstraZeneca and CiteAb.

Why come?

The meeting offers a great chance to hear the latest in antibody validation, interact with leaders in the antibody validation field and contribute to this initiative aimed at helping improve research antibody validation.

The speakers

Dr Birte Aggeler
Birte Aggeler
Bio-Techne (R&D Systems), USA

More information to come.

Prof Dagmar Ehrnhoefer
Dagmar Ehrnhoefer
BioMed X, Germany

Dr. Ehrnhoefer studies tau pathology in Alzheimer’s disease, and is particularly interested in tau post-translational modifications. Since antibodies against modified tau are poorly characterized, the lab has validated a panel of these tools to improve data quality and reproducibility and raise awareness for the issue.

Dr Richard Goodwin
Richard Goodwin
AstraZeneca, UK

Richard Goodwin is a Principal Scientist leading the mass spectrometry imaging group within Drug Safety and Metabolism (DSM) at AstraZeneca. His interests focus on the use of current and emerging MS imaging technologies for the analysis of drug bio-distributions, efficacy and investigatory toxicity.

Dr Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones
AstraZeneca, UK

Gemma Jones is a Senior Scientist in Translational Sciences at AstraZeneca, working within the Oncology division to support projects targeting DNA damage response (DDR) pathways. She develops and implements IHC assays, as well as performing digital image analysis.

Dr Jason Li
Jason Li
Proteintech, USA

Jason Li, Ph.D., founded Proteintech Group with fellow scientists in 2002. Their goal: provide researchers a reliable, reproducible antibody for every human protein. Proteintech manufactures all antibodies in-house, with an emphasis on developing antibodies from whole proteins.

Prof Kathryn Lilley
Kathryn Lilley
University of Cambridge, UK

More information to come.

Dr Roberto Polakiewicz
Roberto Polakiewicz
Cell Signaling Technology, USA

Roberto D. Polakiewicz is the CSO of Cell Signaling Technology (CST) and is in charge of R&D and technology innovation. Over the years Roberto has been responsible for the creation and implementation of novel antibody technology and validation platforms that have been critical to CST’s success.

Dr Jan Roger
Jan Roger

More information to come.

Dr Alejandra Solache
Alejandra Solache
Abcam, UK

Alejandra is responsible for managing the output of Abcam’s Global New Product Development and Validation efforts of our teams in Cambridge, Hangzhou, Eugene and Branford, CT. She also plays a key role in developing Abcam’s innovation strategy.

Prof Mathias Uhlén
Mathias Uhlén
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

More information to come.

Dr Deepa Shankar
Deepa Shankar
Thermo Scientific, USA

Deepa Shankar is the Director of R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Selected Abstract Speakers
3 Speakers TBC

More information to come.

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